DAC Desktop Screen Capture Strip
DAC Desktop - Virtual Desktop Manager and Extender
DAC Desktop 1.00 is a scrolling virtual desktop manager, organizer and extender. It gives you unlimited desktop space and automatically aligns and organizes all your windows. It is a super easy way to save time and money and keep yourself organized.
Download and start using DAC Desktop today.
  • Extremely intuitive and user friendly.
  • View all your open windows at a glance.
  • Automatically aligns your windows when they are opened.
  • Extends your desktop automatically as you open new windows.
  • Dockable on top or bottom of desktop.
  • Customizable with multiple sizes for the appbar.
  • Scroll through open windows using mouse wheel.

  • Automatically displays on mouse over of activation tab.
  • Switch between windows using arrow keys.
  • Enable/Disable hotkeys.
  • Highly Customizable.