DAC Virtual Desktop Manager and Extender
Please feel free to contact us on how to improve our product and especially on bugs. Technical support will be provided via e-mail.  support@dacdesktop.com

DAC Desktop Help

DAC Desktop is a scrolling virtual desktop manager, organizer and extender. It gives you unlimited desktop space and automatically aligns and organizes all your windows.

When you first launch DAC Desktop you will notice a tool bar that appears at the top of your desktop. This is called the AppBar. It appears for a few seconds and then slides up into the top of the screen and disappears. To display it again just move the mouse over the small tab at the top of the screen or press and release the "Windows" key on your keyboard.

The AppBar

The AppBar displays all the programs open on your desktop. As you open more windows DAC Desktop automatically aligns your windows and displays them in order on the Appbar. Below is a figure showing an Appbar with various programs that are open on the desktop. The viewport is always over the area that is currently viewable on the screen. To change the view just click anywhere on the Viewport Handle and drag it left or right. To select a window and bring it into view just click on it. You can also use the mouse wheel to scroll the viewport left or right. The Settings button displays the settings window and the Menu button displays the context menu for DAC Desktop. See below for a description.

The Settings Dialog

PopUp Context Menu

The PopUp Context Menu displays by right clicking anywhere on the Appbar or by right clicking on the tray icon. See below: